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Shenzhen Bo Xunda Electronic
Technology co.,Ltd.
Zhenhua Lu Futian District,S
henzhen,55,2 Spit Of Building 603 A

Technology Co.,Ltd

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Western European Label Printing machine, buy plane sent to ribbons, brothers label-400 dpi high-definition, portable, but also to computer
Brother of exhibition labels, and my company in June 2008 19-22, in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, machinery, electronic display, showing pictures of brothers label
TP20-seok, in both English and Chinese portable electronic Xianhao Ji, at anytime, anywhere, portable, handheld
DYMO DYMO M11 casting batches of labels are widely used in metal casting industry, aluminum steel 12 mm wide metal band
Label Tube marking others
DYMO label for the domestic use of the "Delta" Chinese Characters
DYMO fficiency of SMEs
new field office printer with labels listing, PT-2700 Add to large LCD screen.
Lantern feature, available ribbons 3.5mm-24mm
Promotions: DYMO label machine to buy ribbons donated machines, DYMO1540 manual for ultra-low-cost labels
DYMO RhinoPRO 5000 for electricity communications industry labels to provide the best professional production technology!
Japan MAX number of new lines, printing machine LM-380A Ultimate listed
China Tags The development of the market trend analysis (1)
1 Does your typewriter Yaoduoshaoqian
You do a good job site ah!.
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Acting logo label products sales and engineering industries label logo: is the brother label printer (brother label printer), brothers label printer (brothers label printers), DYMO label printer (DYMO label printers), MAX, Bepop logo label products in China In an agent, a type of product Label Printing machines, Xianhao Ji, typewriters, paste the color machines, bar code, etc. More than domestic companies have entered the labels marking the first industry sales and engineering staff, marking the label industry has a wealth of Experience, has for telecommunications, power, banking, government, manufacturing and other industries to provide quality products and rich sound solutions.

   Philosophy: services for the first, quality first, integrity-based, the pursuit of excellence  


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 Label Printing machine: PC-tab machines portable label series of PT-brother label label label of Chinese-English labels for labels in both English and Chinese-label machine brothers brothers label machine

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  , A machine: LM-370E aircraft, a LM-380A line of printers M-11C, a printing machine M-11C-M-1PRO line, a high-speed printing machines, machine M-1STD play No.

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